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Diploma in Practical Digital Marketing

eMinds Academy - Where our alumni work
eMinds Academy - Facebook Certified Lead Trainer - Siduranga Sanjeewa

Course Content

Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp / Messenger

1.Important parts of the  certificate level

Formulating a digital strategy
Facebook business manager and campaign set ups under awareness, consideration and conversions
Audience building on Facebook and Instagram ( core audience, custom audience and lookalike audience )
Retargeting on FB and IG
Google search ads
Google display ads
YouTube ads

2. Discovery commerce : Facebook

Machine learning

– Liquidity 


3. Inspect tool : Facebook

Introduction to inspect tool
How to use inspect tool to drive results
4. Learning phase : Direct response ads
What is learning phase
Best practices to exit the learning phase 
 5.Facebook commerce manager : Facebook / Instagram
What is commerce manager
How to create
Best practices

 6.Event manager : Facebook business manager
Introduction to event manager
How to set up
Best practices 
 8.Automated rules : Facebook business manager

– Introduction to event manager

How to set up
Best practices 
 9. Ad reporting : Facebook business manager

10. Experiments : Facebook business manager

– AB testing 

Brand lift analysis 
Conversion lift analysis 

11. Facebook conversion ads 

 – Conversion events set up
 – Conversion ads set up 

 12. Brand safety : Facebook
business manager

– Inventory controls 
– Block lists 

Google Ads 

13. Conversion ads : Google ads

– Conversion events set ups 

– Conversion ads set up 


14. Audience manager : Google ads

– Google remarketing audiences

– Custom audiences 

– Youtube audiences 


15. Google analytics

– GA4 configuration ( account set up )

– How to use google analytics data 

– Conversion events set up 

– Audience building 


16. Google tag manager

– GTM account set up 

– Tags creation 

– Triggers creation 

– How to use GTM for all tags ( FB, GA, and other platforms )


19. Google search console

– Google search console set up 

– How to use tools available on console to optimize SEO



20. Cross boarder marketing 

– How promote your products to the international market 


21. Advance SEO

– XML site map 

– Yoast plugin set up 

– Main settings ( Yoast )

– Advance page optimization 


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